Have you ever thought about self-publishing a book, but you’re stressed out about where to begin or feel overwhelmed by the daunting amount of work required to make it become real?

Maybe it’s a calling from above, a little nudge in the right direction from a divine presence much bigger than yourself, urging you to tell the world about your impactful story.

But for some odd reason, you just can’t seem to get started. Or perhaps you’ve already started, but you can’t keep going. The finish line just seems so...so...SO far away!

I want you to know something you're not reading this by chance!

You’ve been searching and seeking for answers and whatever divine power you believe in has brought you here.

But the only thing stopping you from fulfilling your dream of publishing a book is YOU!

Ask yourself: Is it laziness? Lack of motivation? Procrastination? You ignoring his divine calling and putting aside your dreams for distractions that don’t matter?

What’s stopping you from sharing your story with the world?

  • Maybe you’re looking for step-by-step guidance on how to self-publish on your very own.

  • Maybe all the new information is overwhelming you and you just don’t know what to do anymore.

  • Maybe you’re familiar with how to self-publish, but you’d like professional guidance from someone who’s done it before.

  • Or maybe you don’t care about any of that, and simply want to get your book done right, and published.

If any of these sound like you, keep reading because there’s something life-changing in store for you.

...Imagine how great it would be to self-publish your very own book and start making a greater living, creating a viable income for yourself, and finally live the life of your dreams anywhere in the world.

  • Whether you have the ongoing burning desire to write a book….

  • Or you’ve already started writing, but put it on the back burner for quite some time…

  • Or you desperately need someone there to help you take it to the next level…

I know all too well what it’s like to become frustrated and feel like you can no longer escape that inkling or inner calling to write your very own book.

Most writers give up on their book. Don't become one of them. That’s why I want to provide you the solution to all the problems you’ve been facing.

If you’re truly committed to writing your book, you’re going to do whatever it takes.

You’ll find any possible way to carve out some time in your schedule to start writing — whether it’s over and over, or again and again.

You’ll put other tasks off and make this your priority.

However, if you’re only just interested or want to write a book, then you’ll do what’s most convenient.

You’ll always be waiting until you have the perfect time to write.

You’ll put the project off for the next distraction that pops up.

And, I hate to say it, but sometime from now, maybe a year, three years, even seven or ten years from now, you’ll still be “writing” and “working” on that same book.

So the point is — if you really want to write yourself a book, you can’t simply open up a notepad or Word document on your computer, type away until you hit 45,000 words and then call it a day.

Again, that’s not how it works, unfortunately. A book is arranged, fine-tuned, and calibrated.

It’s an idea that demands a specific execution and input from beginning to end so that it’ll effectively communicate a set of ideas and thoughts to the reader.

Of course you can decide to ignore that advice and write without a plan, but you’ll save yourself multiple headaches, revisions, and countless time spent if you know how to structure all of your ideas effectively while planning your book accordingly.

To describe it in another way, writing a book becomes much easier once you know how writing them is supposed to work.

By fitting your ideas into an effective, meticulously thought-out, and planned structure, you’re GUARANTEED that even if you’ve never previously written a book before, executing your idea will be a breeze when you understand how to do it.

And the great news is — I’m here to guide you every step of the way on your writing journey, from start to finish, ensuring you understand exactly how to structure, plan, and execute your book into EXISTENCE.

Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or a memoir, it doesn’t matter.

The moment you begin applying what I teach you, your book will begin to take shape, and before you know it.. Viola! You got yourself a published book. Now that’s pretty exciting!

Here’s a little secret I want to share with you: having the story planned out from start to finish in your head and actually sitting down to write it are two different things. 

One doesn’t naturally lead to the other. That’s just not how it works (trust me, I wish it worked like that).

As I’ve said before, I know how overwhelming writing a book can feel. Let alone self-publishing one.

Here’s a little bit about me, and why I’m more than qualified to help you out.

To introduce myself, my name is Ashley King, also known as “The Get It Done Queen.” I’ve spent many years helping people just like yourself, tell their stories through writing, publishing, speaking, programs, and live events.

I’m a successful self-published author that has experienced all the highs and lows of writing, publishing, and marketing books. Now, after accomplishing all my dreams, I’ve transformed myself into a self-publishing coach, and my mission is to help struggling authors experience the success that awaits them.

Over the years I’ve helped plenty of other people write and tell their stories so they can enjoy massive success and recognition as both published authors and within their own lives.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. In fact, you’ll find that it was just as difficult as you might imagine.

My first time publishing a book, I spent 18 grueling months doing so and wasted more money than I’d like to admit.

After I published my first book, I was so nervous about promoting it because I was afraid that people would judge me for sharing my story. 

Today, a lot of things have changed for me as the direct result of those struggles.

I currently have my own hybrid publishing house, so I’d like to say that I know what it takes to successfully transform a book from a simple concept, to published completion.

But honestly, even now, the amount of work it takes to write and self-publish a book still overwhelms me from time to time.

It’s a big project, which is why the rewards can be so compelling and why so many people want to do it.

So before you go further beating yourself up about the struggle in this process, understand that writing a book is a challenge no matter how many times you’ve done it.

If I had to sum up my story in one sentence, it’d be this—I’ve been in your shoes before, and I made it out, and now I’m going to help you do the same.

Stop Waiting, Let’s Get Your Book Done!

Are one of these obstacles mentioned above the reason why you’re still struggling to write?

Oh, maybe it’s not quite that, but something else?

Well, the good news is that most writing challenges can be overcome and shattered with the right corresponding response.

Sometimes, the fastest route to alleviating your writing struggles is to simply work with someone who can provide the PROPER guidance, NECESSARY advice, and UNCONDITIONAL support at every step of the way on your project—someone who’s been where you’re at right now, and made it to the top. 

I can be that person for you. 

If it sounds like I’m even remotely able to help you, then this online writing course can be the answer to your prayers seeking help for the problems you’re facing...

Inside, I teach you how to self-publish, launch, and market a world-class book in as little as 90 days.

You’re free to go at your own pace, however, I have a feeling you won’t struggle with the set pace if you’re serious about writing your book.

That being said, even if you don’t finish in 12 weeks, you’ll be receiving access for the LIFETIME of the course.

This is NOT lifetime access, but rather access for the course’s lifetime should I ever cancel it in the future.

Which means it’s probably best that you act soon. It’s now or never, don’t risk your future by not acting in the current!

Within this program, you’ll be able to figure out where you are right now with your writing, why your book isn’t getting done, and how we fix that, for good.

Why Choose The Get It Done Book Camp?

This course explains clearly the exact process you’ll need to follow in order to publish your book.

It features easy to follow steps and walks you through every stage, giving you pointers and potential recommendations along the way, drawing from my many years of experience in the field. It’s a must-have for any budding authors who are struggling to get writing and then published. With this course at your side, self-publishing is a reality, not a fiction. Not only does this course take you through each step in detail, but you’re clearly taught insider knowledge of the industry and given incredibly useful tips that will help you through the process, stress-free without cluttering for other online information.

Inside this course, you'll learn:

  • The Why & How to outline your book that makes writing, publishing, and launching a bestselling book in as little as 12 weeks majorly easy to accomplish.

  • A proven approach to choosing a topic that will sell - and turn your idea into a finished book concept in just a few steps and short hours.

  • How to write an effective book summary that entices your readers and compels them to purchase your book.

  • How to leverage social media to promote your book while growing your authority, readership, and reach.

  • How to make money every month in royalties with your book and use it to accelerate your growth as an author.


You’ll gain the How to Become a Paid Speaker Workbook that allows you to motivate and inspire for profit. You’re going to discover the speaking business cornerstones that result in high-paying professional speaking bookings so you can further accelerate your name and personal brand as an author.

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It’s time to stop putting it off and finally achieve the future you’ve been longing for, by getting the job done.

You have one of two options:

1. Ignore this and keep doing what you’re doing.

Continue thinking about all the potential people you could help as an author but do nothing about it. Keep telling yourself it’s just too hard to write a book.


2. Make a small investment in your future.

Learn step-by-step how to create a great book you can sell online, from someone who’s successfully done it numerous times. Use my expert tips, tricks, and strategies, so you can easily get your book in the hands of your ideal readers… while experiencing more freedom, flexibility and fun, doing something you enjoy.

So, start NOW by clicking the button below and entering your details.